There’s something inevitable about Tara Henton’s status as a rising star of British country music. 

Born and raised in a small lakeside city in Ontario, Canada, Tara absorbed her father’s love for the iconic sounds of Nashville, with the likes of Loretta Lynn and Merle Haggard blasting from the stereo as they drove around in his Chevy half-ton. 

Creating and performing her own music soon became a crucial part of Tara’s identity.  Honing her budding talent through piano and vocal lessons, she saved her pocket money to buy instruments, and wrote songs in her bedroom. 

She then cut her musical teeth by performing in cover bands and arts festivals, also achieving a Bachelor of Music degree from Queen’s University. 

Tara’s eclectic song-writing style and captivating voice soon drew attention.  Not only was she featured in a televised talent search show in her beloved Nashville, but she was also a finalist in the Kingston Country Singing Showdown (where the winner happened to be one Avril Lavigne.) 

Tara then decided to up sticks and move to the UK.  There she immersed herself in writing and performing more of her own songs, teaching and collaborating with other music-makers, and getting to grips with new instruments, from the recorder to the djembe! 

These days Tara blends teaching music with performing her self-penned songs to audiences who adore her charismatic stage presence, her upbeat banter, and her unmistakable Canadian country ‘twang’. 

One day, Tara Henton will realise her dream of duetting with Brad Paisley at the Grand Ole Opry! Before then, why not book this talented, charming, and utterly compelling country music star for your own event?